Pinar del Rio Cuba

For centuries, the province of Pinar del Rio has been very important for the tobacco industry of Cuba. Here are many tobacco plantations and the famous Cuban cigar brand Romeo y Juliet, Cohiba and Monte Christo come from here. But also to the nature of Pinar del Rio is well worth a visit.
Because of the richness, variety and excellent conservation of flora and fauna Pinar del Rio is also known as "the garden of Cuba." The country where the best tobacco in the world is grown also offers you excellent opportunities for diving, hunting, fishing or simply relaxing and sunbathing on the beach.

Pinar del Rio Cuba
Vinales, Pinar del Rio Cuba

Pinar del Rio City

The city Pinar del Rio is the capital of the province of Pinar del Rio. Pinar del Rio has more than 130,000 inhabitants and is also the capital of Cuban tobacco culture. Some highlights of the city of Pinar del Rio include:
- The cigar factory Fábrica de Tobaco Francisco Donatien,
- Liqueur factory Guayabita del Pinar (where an original regional liquor is made),
- The Nature Museum (Museo de Ciencas Naturales),
- The Historical Museum, and
- The Milanese Theatre.

Liqueur Factory Guayabita del Pinar

Also worth a visit is the Rum Liqueur factory, Fábrica de Bebidas Casa Garay Guayabita del Pinar, where a special rum is made that is flavored with the fruits of wild guavas, Guayabita del Pinar. This small species of guava grows only in the mountains of Pinar del Rio. The Guayabita del Pinar has two variants, dry ("for Men") and a sweet rum ("for Women") liqueur. The bottles that you can buy at the factory are less expensive than those in the shops.
The creation of Guayabita del Pinar started by Lucio Garay Zabala, an enterprising businessman who founded an alcohol-producing factory in 1892. He already knew how this liquor was made by his neighbors as a medicine and for promoting digestion. He thus had good knowledge to convert these Vueltabajo alcoholic liquor in a refined drink. Historians believe that the ingenuity and knowledge of Garay Zabala has contributed to the current high quality Guayabita, with which he also won international awards.
The address is: Sabel Rubio Sur # 189, entre Ceferino Fernandez y Frank Pais, Pinar del Rio.

Guayabita del Pinar, Pinar del Rio Cuba Pinar del Rio Cuba
Rum Guayabita del Pinar

Cigar factory Fábrica de Tobaco Fransisco Donatién

Pinar del Rio is sometimes called the "Mecca of the cigars". This city is characterized by numerous tobacco plantations. The cigar industry is an important source of income. In these cigars region a visit to the cigar factory Fábrica de Tobaco Francisco Donatien is therefore almost a must. You get to know all facets of the production process and the conditions in which workers manufacture cigars. These diligent and skilled workers roll behind their wooden desks daily about a hundred cigars. At the cigar factory there is a shop where you can purchase different kinds of cigars.

San Juan Y Martinez

About 15 minutes drive from the city of Pinar del Rio is San Juan y Martinez, that is known for its tobacco plantations and cigar factories. This is the region where the best tobacco in Cuba is cultivated. You can see here the whole process from tobacco to cigar: the tobacco plantations, drying houses and selecting the best leaves. Here lies the origin of the Hoyo de Monterrey and the Robaina cigars. In the period from December to March, tourists can visit the impressive "tapado" tobacco plantations.

Maria la Gorda Beach

The beach of Maria la Gorda is located on the most western part of the province of Pinar del Río. The crystal clear sea invites you to spend many hours on this beautiful place. Here you can see black corals, many species of fish, crustaceans and sponges.
In this area, in the cove of Corrientes, lies the International Scuba Diving Center (Centro Internacional De Buceo), also called Maria la Gorda Scuba Diving Centre. This diving center has a total of 35 dive sites, a true paradise for divers with barracudas, lobsters, rays, parrot fish and a stunning Caribbean underwater fauna. In the middle of this unparalleled peace there are impressive coral formations and majestic underwater caves.

Valle de Vinales

Viñales Valley is the most famous tourist destination in Cuba. The landscape is very beautiful. Scattered in the valley are several "mogotes" and tobacco plantations, tobacco drying houses and typical houses of the farmers. The Viñales Valley is located in the Organos Sierra and has been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage. This area contains the largest and most beautiful cave systems of Latin America and the flora and fauna is very unique. The viewpoint at Los Jazmines Hotel is an excellent place to admire the entire valley. There is also a lookout across the valley at the Hotel La Ermita. Other attractions include: Indian Cave, the Ruiseñor Valley, Palenque de los Cimarrones, Cave of Santo Tomás, Majagua Canteras and Palmarito Cave System, San Vicente Valley and the town of Vinales.

Pinar del Rio attractions

  1. Fábrica de Tobaco Fransisco Donatién.
  2. liqueur factory Guayabita del Pinar.
  3. Cigar factories in the city Pinar del Rio.
  4. The Nature Museum (Museo de Ciencas Naturales), located in het Palacio Guasch.
  5. The Historical Museum.
  6. The Milan Theater.
  7. The tobacco plantations and cigar factories of San Juan y Martinez.
  8. Valle de Vinales.
  9. Maria la Gorda Beach.

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